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Google maps Markers


Um bom exemplo de como extender as interfaces de IMarker da lib do google maps.


Showing a popUp as infoWindow


To show a popUp as an infoWindow. This way you can show more than one infoWindow at the same time.

var popup:IFlexDisplayObject = PopUpManager.createPopUp(map, infoWindow);
var globalPos:Point = map.localToGlobal(map.fromLatLngToViewport(marker.getLatLng()));
popup.move(globalPos.x - popup.width/2, globalPos.y - popup.height - marker.getDisplayObject().height);
return popup;

Google maps flash api


Right now, i’m working with Google Maps Flash api. It’s realy amazing what you can do with this framework but i found a Problem:
You can’t add more then one Info Window into the map.

Create you own Overlay, extending OverlayBase

See the examples:

Here an alternative to put Markers using Degrafa:

Thanks to the Sunil’s blog,